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Hi, if you really want to contact me ways to do so are listed below.

Please be advised that I am notoriously bad at actually bothering to reply to people in a timely fashion so if you don't hear back from me its not because I don't love you (well actually it might be but that's another story) its much more likely I've put you on my todo pile and then lost my todo pile. :)


Fill in the webform and it will politely send me your message. If you don't include contact details I can't get back to you so please remember to do so.

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I don't generally mind receiving emails from people who want to talk to me. I do however object to getting spam and the like from moron spammers who trawl websites looking for email addresses. As such if you want my email address you will have to click a couple of buttons first.

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Instant Messenger

I am currently on two instant messenger services Jabber and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). I am not on MSN and have no intention of becoming so any time in the near future so please don't ask for my MSN id.


On jabber I am user 'psycodom' on the server ''. Feel free to attempt contact with me and if I have a clue who you are I will add you to my contacts list. If I don't know who you are it is probably better to use the webform or email to get in touch first.

More information on jabber...


On AIM I am "ScreenName" 'psycodom' however I believe I have set my preferences to not allow contact from people not on my contact list so if you want to talk to me on AIM and you aren't already in my contact list it would be best to contact me using the webform or email first and I will add you to my contact list so you can talk to me.


I can frequently be found haunting the many halls of Milliways (mw) the SUCS Talker. It is accessible to all by sshing to on port 22 as user:bbs password:bbs although be warned there are many crazy people there (at least there are at the wrong times). I would provide more help on how to use mw but there doesn't seem to be a manual online and I'm too lazy to write one.

Non SUCS members require a mw super user to authenticate them before they can actually use the system to chat so you may have to wait around a while if you do try to join.


While I do (despite rumours you may have heard) exist in The Real World™ and do therefore have an address and telephone, I'm not in the habit of randomly giving that sort of information to random beings who are crazy enough to be looking at my site. If I know you and you somehow don't have this information and would like it then let me know and I will think about letting you have it. If I don't know you I wont be giving that info away and anyone who does will have me to answer to (or something like that).