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So you want to email me. That is fine but in order to obtain my email address you have to agree to the following. This measure is due to the effect that moron spammers and virus writers have on the internet and the effectiveness of email as a whole.

You agree:

  • To use the email address supplied for personal communication with PsycoDom only and not to use it to send him any kind of advertising.
  • Not to provide the email address supplied to any third party for money or otherwise.
  • Not to publish the email address supplied in any form on the internet or otherwise.
  • Not to store the email address supplied in outlook/outlook express address books where viruses may easily find it.
  • That in the event that your misuse of the supplied email address is directly responsible for PsycoDom receiving unwanted spam or virus mails you may be considered liable for costs incurred in reading and cleaning up the unwanted mail.

If you find these terms unacceptable but you still wish to contact PsycoDom it is suggested that you use the webform instead.

By clicking agree and pressing the submit button you are indicating that you agree to the terms stated above.

I agree