Photos: Swansea in the Snow - 1st March 2006

St. David's Day Snow
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Two lots of snow in one winter, quite unusual for Swansea.

Thumbnail: Constitution Sledge RunThumbnail: Carlton TerraceThumbnail: View To MumblesThumbnail: City Centre Tree
Thumbnail: Kingsway EastThumbnail: Kingsway WestThumbnail: Constitution Hill From Walter RoadThumbnail: Constitution Hill From Hanover Street
Thumbnail: Brooklands TerraceThumbnail: House On The HillThumbnail: Mad CyclistThumbnail: Slidy Van 1
Thumbnail: Slidy Van 2Thumbnail: House Top Constitution HillThumbnail: Terrace Road SchoolThumbnail: Constitution Hill From Terrace Road
Thumbnail: Terrace RoadThumbnail: Rose HillThumbnail: Lane To Rose Hill Quarry