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slant is the website of Sitsofe Wheeler. It contains articles/reviews written by me for anyone who cares to read them. It is updated roughly once a month (often less when I'm feeling lazy).
Just for fun (tm) I've set up a diary on Advogato. So you can read that if you want to see something new...
Last Updated: 23-September-2002

Diary for November 2002
I finally got round to putting my diary up (and there is now a page with the most recent entries on it). Navigation is incomplete at the moment and there are huge gaps in it where I didn't do any updates. It does show off the new site design though. Hopefully it will make up for the lack of updates on the site...

Windows 2000 installation horrors
If you thought Linux was difficult to install, wait until you read this. Written by Daniel Mitchard.

An archive of photos I have taken.
The summer ball and the SUCS beach party photos.

Fresher's First Week
Find out which tumble dryer is best...
Days 6 & 7: Heavy sleeper and wash day.

Favourite Links
The sites I go to when I have large amounts of free time and free net access.

The making of slant
Epic production values and a cast of thousands...

Did you spot the wad?

Glasto '98
The horror! The horror!

Until I get that CV online, this'll have to do...

The Phantom Review
Too much Phantom, not enough Menace.

Site motivation
Why I started this site and designed it this way.

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